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Set in Los Angeles, Kym follows the fictionalized story of Kym Wilson, a single, middle-aged stand-up comic and actress trying to keep her Hollywood star rising while simultaneously raising a young boy left on her doorstep. As Kym balances showbiz demands with her son’s growing needs—and while her child’s biological mom keeps popping in and out of their lives—a hard-to-shake romance creeps back into her heart. Can Kym’s grit, talent, and cool keep everything—and everyone—in check?

Created by: Kym Whitley, Lena Waithe, and Mark Alton Brown  
Narrated by: Kym Whitley, Sherri Shepherd, Carter Lee Hamilton, David A. Arnold, Lena Waithe, Cynthia Erivo, Jenifer Lewis, Jess Hilarious

Episode List

Kym Trailer
Episode 1: “Trevante and Shit“
Episode 2: "Birth Moms and Shit"
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