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Rising Voices

Meet the Class of 2022

Indeed, Hillman Grad and 271 Films are thrilled to announce the third season of the Rising Voices program. The initiative aims to discover, invest in, and share stories created by BIPOC filmmakers & storytellers around the power and meaning of work. This program awards 10 filmmakers up to a $100K production budget to make a short film that will premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Festival in New York.

‍How it works: Our advisory team will identify 10 filmmakers who will be selected to participate in Rising Voices. A $100,000 production budget will be allocated to produce their stories, and each filmmaker will have access to mentorship and support from the advisory panel through creative mentors from Hillman Grad and from 271 Films. The films will be produced by Hillman Grad in partnership with 271 Films. An additional COVID-19 safety fund will also be made available to the filmmakers. 

Rising Voices is a career accelerator and filmmaking mentorship program and we’re looking for candidates who are interested in advancing their career opportunities through mentorship and education.

Candidates should demonstrate a strong passion for filmmaking, strong desire to learn and ability to collaborate, take instruction and accept feedback. Candidates must portray sustainable and ethical working practices.

Filmmaker Support: Following the conclusion of the program, Indeed will invest in marketing and distribution support for the finished films, along with a debut at Tribeca Festival.

Theme: The Future of Work. When you read “the future of work,” what does it mean to you? Do you think of a dystopian nightmare or an egalitarian ideal? What direction is our world headed when it comes to work? Who gets to decide what the future is going to be? What do you want for yourself? As time passes, how does “work” play a role in your life? In our lives? Explore your connection with work and the workplace and show us what “the future of work” means to you.  How would the future of work impact your relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, community, or yourself?

Timeline: Filmmakers must be available January-June 2023 to participate in the program.


Submission Requirements

Program Expectations


Program Rules

Eligibility Requirements

Program Guidelines

Advisory Board

Lena Waithe

Emmy Award-winning writer and Founder of Hillman Grad

Rishi Rajani

CEO, Hillman Grad

Chris Hyams

CEO, Indeed

LaFawn Davis

SVP of Environmental, Social & Governance

Constanza Castro

Co-Founder, 271 Films

Doménica Castro

Co-Founder, 271 Films
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