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Ocean's Godori

April 2024

Becky Chambers meets Firefly in this big-hearted Korean space opera debut about a disgraced space pilot struggling to find her place while fighting to protect the people she loves.

Author: Elaine U. Cho
Publisher: Hillman Grad Books
"Full of slow-burn romance, tense negotiation, and close shaves. Every scene builds suspense and illuminates fascinating themes of exploitation, privilege, and identity, all held together by a sweet found family narrative. Ambitious and heartwarming, this is a treat."
– Publishers Weekly
"Buckle up because this sci-fi will take you to places you never expected. Its plot moves with keen precision. The page-turner will bring readers to the edges of space while tackling the age of questions of who we are and what we are here for."
– Debuitful
"Space. Murder. Romance. Tradition and technology collide in this impressive debut, perfect for fans of Gideon the Ninth."
– B&N Reads
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